Tell Etsy to Ban Fur From Its Website!

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Etsy, an online global marketplace focused on artistic and handmade items, claims to be committed to having a positive social impact. However, it continues to allow sellers to post and sell items made of real fur, despite hearing from PETA that animals in the fur industry spend their entire lives confined to filthy cages before finally being beaten, electrocuted, gassed, or skinned alive.

mink on fur farm

Etsy prides itself on selling an array of fashionable and artistic items, but there's nothing artistic or fashionable about killing animals. The company has a policy on animal-derived products in place prohibiting certain items, such as pieces made from the body parts of endangered species, ivory and bones from ivory-producing animals, and cat and dog parts or pelts. Banning fur would be as simple to implement as any of these other policies. Hundreds of other companies have already banned fur, and we're urging Etsy to do the same.

rabbits in cages on angora fur farm

Urge Etsy to make a positive impact for animals by updating its Animal Products Policy to include a ban on fur.


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