Stand With Morrissey: Urge Canada Goose to Drop Fur and Down!

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Musician Morrissey has joined the fight to urge outerwear company Canada Goose to make the ethical choice to remove coyote fur and down feathers from its parkas.

Morrissey wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Not Your Fur #CanadaGooseKills"

It's clear why Morrissey is calling the company out: Coyotes are caught in steel traps so that Canada Goose can use their fur to trim its jackets. The animals can suffer for days with broken bones and wounds before trappers return to bludgeon or shoot them to death. Mothers desperate to get back to their starving pups have attempted to chew off their own limbs to escape. Canada Goose jackets are also stuffed with the down feathers of birds who died violently. Birds used for their down are inevitably sent to the slaughterhouse, where standard practice is to hang them upside down, stun them, and then slit their throats—often while they're still conscious.

The good news is that there are plenty of superior insulators composed of everything from biodegradable fleece to coconut husks that can take the place of fur and down today. That's why hundreds of outerwear companies—including Wuxly Movement, HoodLamb, Save the Duck, NOIZE, and Embassy of Bricks and Logs—have already forgone fur and down in favor of sustainable vegan fabrics.

Morrissey has committed to being the first to celebrate once Canada Goose makes its coats animal-free by wearing one proudly—but until then, he's collecting signatures calling for the company to stop supporting the slaughter of animals for the stolen fur and feathers used for its coats. Please join him and urge Canada Goose to stop supporting the exploitation of countless coyotes and birds—and to make the transition to animal-free materials for its jackets immediately!

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