Jerry Brown: Release Django the Monkey to an Accredited Sanctuary!

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Even though events across the country have already canceled Jerry Brown's cruel act involving an almost 30-year-old capuchin monkey named Django, Brown has yet to agree to send her to an accredited sanctuary.

Instead of living in a large social group in the rainforest—as capuchins in the wild do—Django is carted around to festivals, forced to perform or pose for photos, and subjected to a constant barrage of strange noises and activity and to people trying to touch her.

Monkeys are unpredictable, and they may become aggressive when handled, lashing out and biting guardians and visitors. Even though Django's canine teeth were extracted—a procedure deemed unethical by top veterinary organizations and prohibited by longstanding U.S. Department of Agriculture policy—she's still a wild animal who has shown aggression toward children.

Django the Capuchin with owner Jerry Brown

Django deserves to live in a Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries–accredited sanctuary, where she would have the opportunity for social interaction with other monkeys and the freedom from exploitation that she's been denied for her entire life. Tell Brown to send Django to an accredited sanctuary.


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