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Update: August 8, 2019
Apparently, Christine Lattin believes that if you carry out a useless experiment that has no applicability either to humans or to birds in their natural homes, it's a good idea to do it again.

This bird tormentor just published a paper describing an experiment that she performed while at Yale University in which she captured 21 songbirds and subjected them to both acute and long-term trauma.

These highly social birds were housed alone in cages, restrained in cloth bags for 30 minutes at a time to induce acute stress, and held in captivity for at least eight weeks before being killed. Some may have been used in multiple experiments. The birds were also given painful injections and subjected to stressful anesthetic episodes before being killed.

Lattin's main conclusion is that wild birds don't habituate well to captivity—a realization that merits a Captain Obvious award and provides zero real-world solutions that will actually help wild bird populations.

Take action below to urge Louisiana State University, where Lattin now works, to prohibit her from continuing these experiments on its campus.

Wild birds are no longer safe in Baton Rouge. If experimenters at Louisiana State University (LSU) have their way, many of these sensitive animals may soon be lured to feeders, trapped, and taken to a laboratory. Once there, these birds will be caged, intentionally tormented to induce stress and fear, and then killed. These pointless experiments need to end.

beautiful sparrow

Recently hired LSU professor Christine Lattin, who was previously affiliated with Tufts and Yale, has been abusing and killing birds in these experiments since 2008. Her twisted methods have included confining them to a cloth bag, rolling them around on a cart (a disorienting and terrifying experience for these already-frightened animals), and restraining them for 30 minutes at a time, four times a day. Some birds were fed crude oil, and others' legs were wounded without any pain relief. After weeks and sometimes months of repeated abuse, they're then killed. Not only are these experiments extremely cruel, they're also wasteful because important physiological differences between species make the results inapplicable to humans or even other birds. Please use the form below to urge LSU to stop Lattin from continuing these experiments on its campus.

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