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First at Tufts University and now at Yale University, unsuspecting birds who have been lured to feeders and trapped or netted are being systematically tormented to induce stress and fear. Why? For experiments whose results won't apply to humans or even to other bird species.

Experimenter Christine Lattin has been tormenting birds in these experiments since 2008, including by confining them to a cloth bag, rolling them around on a cart (a disorienting and terrifying experience for these already-frightened animals), and restraining them for 30 minutes at a time, four times a day. Some birds were fed crude oil, and others' legs were wounded without any pain relief. After weeks and sometimes months of repeated abuse, they're then killed. Not only are the experiments extremely cruel, they're also wasteful because important physiological differences between species make the results inapplicable to humans or other birds. Unsurprisingly, Lattin doesn't like that her cruel and pointless experiments are being exposed, and she's working overtime to mislead the public about them. Read her comments and PETA's responses here.

PETA filed a complaint with the district attorney in Massachusetts (the state where Lattin began her experiments) requesting that cruelty charges be filed against this experimenter for unjustifiably traumatizing and killing animals, but birds need your help to stop this torment now. With their freedom on the line, they can't afford for us to be silent. Please use the form below to urge Yale University to stop supporting these experiments.

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