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Update: October 9, 2019
Be on the lookout: Louisiana State University (LSU) experimenter Christine Lattin hears that you might have sparrows in your backyard, and she wants to know if it would be cool with you if she caught them, tortured them for a while, and then killed them.

Lattin—a former Tufts and Yale University bird tormenter who's now at LSU—has been killing birds since 2008 in sadistic and pointless experiments. Some of her (not) groundbreaking work has led to (not) astonishing conclusions, including the following: 1) Birds don't like captivity and 2) Crude oil isn't great bird food.

Now, she's gearing up for more experimentation and she's trying to get the birdwatching community in Louisiana to supply her with victims.

"[W]e are currently catching house sparrows for a lab-based project looking at which parts of the brain are active in birds that are listening to predator calls vs. conspecific (other house sparrow) calls. This will help us understand the neurobiology of how animals perceive stressful stimuli," Lattin wrote to an online bird-enthusiast group. "If you have an active bird feeder up in your yard, and you have a lot of house sparrows around that you wouldn't mind my students and I catching with mist nets, please send me a message at"

Some of Lattin's previous experiments include feeding birds crude oil, wounding their legs, plucking large amounts of their feathers, and causing them stress and fear by confining them to cloth bags, rolling them around on carts so that they can't perch, and giving them drugs that damage their adrenal glands.

Take action below to urge LSU to prohibit Lattin from continuing these experiments on its campus.

Wild birds are no longer safe in Baton Rouge. If experimenters at Louisiana State University (LSU) have their way, many of these sensitive animals may soon be lured to feeders, trapped, and taken to a laboratory. Once there, these birds will be caged, intentionally tormented to induce stress and fear, and then killed. These pointless experiments need to end.

beautiful sparrow

Recently hired LSU professor Christine Lattin, who was previously affiliated with Tufts and Yale, has been abusing and killing birds in these experiments since 2008. Her twisted methods have included confining them to a cloth bag, rolling them around on a cart (a disorienting and terrifying experience for these already-frightened animals), and restraining them for 30 minutes at a time, four times a day. Some birds were fed crude oil, and others' legs were wounded without any pain relief. After weeks and sometimes months of repeated abuse, they're then killed. Not only are these experiments extremely cruel, they're also wasteful because important physiological differences between species make the results inapplicable to humans or even other birds. Please use the form below to urge LSU to stop Lattin from continuing these experiments on its campus.

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