Ask Frozen Yogurt Chains to Add Vegan Options!

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Demand for dairy-free treats is higher than ever, yet some frozen yogurt chains still don't offer many (or any) vegan options. Places such as Freshens and Bananas Smoothies and Frozen Yogurt need to hear that caring people like you want exciting new flavors made from nondairy milk.

These companies are lagging behind Pinkberry, 16 Handles, TCBY, Red Mango, Tutti Frutti, sweetFrog, and many other froyo chains that already offer delicious vegan frozen yogurt in flavors like cookie dough, chocolate hazelnut truffle, chocolate fudge, nutty banana bread, and ginger snap, made from coconut, soy, cashew, and almond milk.

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Cows used for dairy "products" are forcibly impregnated, and their babies are taken away from them shortly after they're born. Males are often killed for veal. Once the mother is no longer profitable, she's violently slaughtered—having lived for only a fraction of her natural life expectancy.

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Please send polite emails to Ed Redmond, Senior VP of Freshëns, at [email protected]. Then, use the form below to urge Bananas Smoothies and Frozen Yogurt to add delicious flavors made from coconut, soy, cashew, and almond milk!

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