Years of Abuse and Neglect at Garden Bros. Circus—Take Action

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While circuses that use animals are shutting down or going animal-free, Garden Bros. Circus is still exploiting camels, ponies, and other animals in its cruel shows.

camel at Garden Bros Circus

In a whistleblower report, a former employee reported that elephants with this circus were jabbed with a bullhook or shocked with a Taser and that a camel named Cash was beaten, punched, and kicked after a performance. He reportedly cried out so loudly that he could be heard on stage. Another whistleblower reported that Zachary Garden, the circus's manager, habitually beat animals, withheld food from them, and refused to provide injured and dying ones with adequate veterinary care. Garden's disturbing history of animal abuse also includes leaving a sheep to suffer instead of seeking prompt treatment for her fractured leg.

child being lifted onto pony for rides

Venues and localities across the country have canceled scheduled performances by Garden Bros., refused to issue it permits, or barred it from performing with animals. Please tell Garden Bros. to follow the lead of modern, animal-free circuses and eliminate its animal acts, highlighting its human talent instead.

Garden Bros. Circus

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