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Over the past few months, Facebook has been increasingly censoring PETA's content featuring violence against animals on its Facebook and Instagram platforms. PETA's objective is to stop animal suffering, and we rely on social media to reach people with information that they might never otherwise see.

Social media plays a vital role in informing people about animal abuse, and PETA has worked to uncover the horrors inherent in the fur, angora, and mohair industries—leading hundreds of companies to ban these fibers, thereby sparing countless animals a lifetime of suffering.

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We also share footage of the abuse that wild animals endure in circuses, which has strengthened public opposition to them, leading numerous animal circuses to shut down or remove wild animals from their acts. And we've shared images and videos taken inside animal testing facilities, which has persuaded countless companies—including General Mills, Kikkoman, and Dove—to end experiments on animals. Two of the largest and most effective social media sites to share these lifesaving images and videos on are Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram.

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Facebook at times even allows other pages to post the same content as that which PETA posts without warning screens but censors much of our material—even videos and images that would not be considered graphic. Please urge Facebook to stop hindering PETA's outreach by putting warning screens on our content on Facebook and Instagram and to let users decide for themselves whether or not they want graphic videos and images to be censored on their accounts.

Text PETA to 73822 to sign up as a mobile First Responder! Then, you can take action for animals by texting a single word or even letter—anywhere, anytime.

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