Dozens of Dolphins and Whales Have Died at Marineland Canada—Take Action Now

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After decades of PETA protests, Canada set a precedent for animal liberation in North America by banning whale and dolphin captivity. While the two remaining facilities holding these animals—Marineland and the Vancouver Aquarium—won't be allowed to breed the animals or confine new ones, they're still imprisoning the cetaceans currently languishing there.

Marineland is one of the worst places for marine animals in the world. Dozens of dolphins, whales, and walruses have died there—including a walrus named Apollo who suffered a heart attack. An orca named Kiska—who was abducted from her family in the wild as a baby 40 years ago—is confined in isolation and can do nothing but swim in endless circles in her cramped tank.

Despite the suffering that animals endure there, the heartless company claims that "everyone loves Marineland." Please, sign our petition to show that you have no love for Marineland and pledge not to go there.

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