Ask Dollar Tree Canada and Family Dollar to Stop Selling Glue Traps!

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Dollar Tree Canada and Family Dollar are still selling glue traps—boards coated with a sticky adhesive that traps small animals—even though their parent company, Dollar Tree, banned these vile and dangerous devices more than a decade ago after learning from PETA that animals stuck in the glue often suffer for days before dying from blood loss or dehydration. We reminded Dollar Tree that small animals suffer greatly in glue traps, but the company has refused to stop selling them at its brands' stores.

rats dying on glue trap

Glue traps cause animals prolonged suffering. Animals mired in the glue go to great lengths to escape, tearing off their fur or feathers as they struggle or even attempting to chew off their own limbs. Others' faces get stuck in the adhesive, and it can take hours for them to suffocate. The instructions advise consumers to throw used traps into the garbage, even if they contain living animals, leaving them to suffer in agony until they eventually die under piles of trash.

dead squirrel stuck on glue trap

These indiscriminate boards, which often immobilize and kill other small "nontarget" animals—such as hamsters, songbirds, or squirrels—are also dangerous to human health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specifically advises against using glue traps because terrified animals stuck on them continue to produce urine and feces, which contain pathogens.

Dozens of retailers—including CVS, Dollar General, and Walgreens—have already made the compassionate decision to stop selling glue traps. Please urge Dollar Tree Canada and Family Dollar to follow through with their parent company's commitment not to sell these horribly vile torture devices.

Michael A.
Dollar Tree

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