Tell Venues That UniverSoul Circus Needs to Drop Its Cruel Animal Acts!

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Despite learning about UniverSoul Circus' long history of working with notorious animal exhibitors, some venues are still planning to host the circus's cruel acts featuring zebras, camels, and dogs. We need your help to show them that the public doesn't support circuses that use animals.

elephants at UniverSoul threatened with bullhook
A trainer hired by the UniverSoul Circus brandishes a bullhook.

UniverSoul has worked for years with disgraced animal exploiters. Federal records show that a limping tiger was denied veterinary care, elephants were denied foot care, and big cats were locked in cramped cages 24/7, all while on tour with UniverSoul.

During a 2017 inspection in Fulton County, Georgia, officers discovered wounded camels, an injured zebra, elephants with bruised feet, and an elephant with a wound on his ankle at UniverSoul. Zebras have also escaped from the circus and run amok through the streets twice in recent years

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus shut down after 146 years of exploitation, and Kelly Miller Circus went animal-free. UniverSoul is phenomenal without animals, and there's no better time for venues to give audiences what they want by saying no to cruel animal acts. Please send polite e-mails to the company representatives below and ask them to require that scheduled performances go forward without animals.

Philadelphia Office of Special Events
Kathryn Ott
Fairmount Park

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