Michigan Bill Would End Dog Experiments at Public Institutions

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A new bill introduced in the Michigan state legislature would make it illegal for publicly funded institutions—such as public colleges or universities—to use dogs in cruel experiments. But we need your help to push it through.

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This groundbreaking bill—House Bill 5090—has been made possible by our friends at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which worked with Michigan legislators such as Rep. Sara Cambensy, who introduced the bill in the House.

Michigan is home to Wayne State University, which, since 1991, has conducted painful and pointless experiments on dogs under the guise of finding treatments for human heart failure and hypertension. Not surprisingly, experimenters have developed no new treatments or devices in nearly 30 years of experimentation.

A whole lot of dogs, however, have died. Records show that up to 25% of the dogs used in these experiments die even before the tests are completed. The dogs endure multiple surgeries, and devices, cables, and wires are implanted into their bodies. Many experience pain and distress. All this has cost Michigan taxpayers more than $11 million—for nothing but the suffering of countless dogs.

Michigan voters aren't keen on dog experimentation, either. A recent survey showed that 70% of voters oppose the use of dogs in potentially painful experiments. A further 66% oppose the use of taxpayer money for such experiments.

Human-relevant studies are available, and they work. Human-tissue and stem-cell studies, clinical trials, and population studies have yielded benefits for patients, including those suffering from heart disease, Michigan's biggest killer.

It's time Michigan laws reflected the will of the voters. It's time to put an end to this pain and senseless cruelty and pursue solid, compassionate, and human-relevant science. It's time for state legislators to pass HB 5090.

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Please lend your support to PCRM in support of this groundbreaking bill by taking action today and urging your legislator to cosponsor HB 5090.

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