Help End Forced Dissection Participation in the U.S.!

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Every year, countless students stand up and speak out against dissection. Why?

Over 10 million animals are used every year for dissection—and many of them are killed specifically for classroom dissection.

There are many modern, humane alternatives that save schools money and teach students more effectively. Medical schools don't use animals to train student doctors, so why do middle schools and high schools still require animal dissection?

Luckily, many states around the country—including California, Michigan, New York, and Texas—allow students to opt out of dissection and choose a humane alternative.

But some states are behind the times and may even punish students who have an ethical reason to opt out—by forcing them to participate or else face a failing grade.

This isn't OK, and education officials in the 27 states that get a failing grade for compassion need to hear from you.

Tell them that students deserve better and that animals deserve to live, and ask them to let students opt out of dissection and choose an alternative that isn't cruel and wasteful. Please sign this petition, which PETA will be delivering to officials in states with no dissection choice.

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Please Support Humane Science Education

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I'm writing to urge the State Board of Education to join the forward-thinking boards of 23 other states--plus the District of Columbia--by adopting a formal policy that would allow students to opt out of classroom animal dissection in favor of a humane non-animal assignment.

Adopting such a policy would be consistent with the guidance of leading science-education organizations. Both the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and the National Association of Biology Teachers advise teachers to be responsive to students' growing moral, ethical, and religious concerns regarding animal dissection and to provide them with alternative assignments, such as computer simulations. NSTA also approves the use of non-animal teaching methods as complete replacements for animal dissection.

Implementing a student dissection-choice policy would ensure that all schools have inclusive policies that give compassionate students access to modern and humane teaching methods so that they are not forced to violate their religious or moral convictions.

Studies by Gallup and others show that a growing majority of young adults are opposed to harming animals in experiments. Many are upset and cannot learn properly when forced to dissect animals but are hesitant to voice objections to authority figures. Additionally, research shows that non-animal methods, such as interactive computer-based dissection software, teach students as well as or better than animal dissection does. Non-animal methods are also less expensive and less time-intensive for educators.

Thank you for your consideration of this serious matter.

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