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The cruelty behind every down industry product is chilling. In order to produce down clothing, pillows, and comforters, birds are often pinned down or lifted by their necks or a delicate wing and have their feathers painfully ripped out while they are alive and able to feel pain.

Live-plucking causes birds considerable pain and distress. Many birds are plucked so hard that they are left with gaping wounds, which workers sew back together using a needle and thread, without any painkillers. Some birds are left paralyzed by pain and fear, and some even die as a result of this violent process.

Buying down can also support the notoriously cruel foie gras industry because feathers from birds killed for their liver or meat are often sold as down.

You can help birds suffering in the down industry by refusing to buy down products and looking for clothing and bedding made from cruelty-free materials.

By signing the pledge below—and encouraging your friends and family to do so as well—you'll be sending a powerful message to the cruel down industry


Pledge to Be Down-Free

From this point forward, I refuse to support the cruel down industry. I don't believe in tormenting birds or causing animals to suffer. By signing my name, I pledge never to buy or wear any down products, including jackets and pillows.

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