During COVID-19, Animal Circuses Are Especially Dangerous

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Even though the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Loomis Bros. Circus plans to take its cruel animal act on the road, endangering animals and the public. It will travel through numerous hotspots of the deadly virus, and it may even bring tigers, who are at risk of developing the disease, too.

Brian Franzen—the elephant and tiger exhibitor frequently used for this circus—has a well-documented history of animal abuse. While onstage, he was filmed striking an elephant named Megu in the jaw with a bullhook—a weapon so vile that it's been banned in two states and many cities. An expert wrote that forcing her to perform in circus shows was causing her "undue and unnecessary physical distress."

In their natural homes, elephants roam immense habitats, cool off in mud wallows, and knock down trees and strip their bark, and tigers have home ranges of hundreds of miles where they roam, swim, climb, choose their mates, and raise their young. Exploiting them in cruel and demeaning circus acts is a form of speciesism—a human-supremacist worldview.

tigers in grass

Please tell venues planning to host this circus to nix the cruel animal acts!


Wharton County Fairgrounds
Wharton County Fairgrounds
Ozark Leisure Services
Jackson Co. Agriculture Center

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