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At one time, GEICO was a leading innovator in the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI), famously opting for the technology instead of using live animals in its commercials, so it's strange and disappointing that the company just released a commercial featuring a live bear. PETA has informed GEICO that wild animals used for entertainment lead miserable lives. Trainers who exploit them for film and television productions usually separate infants from their mothers prematurely, depriving them of proper maternal care and impairing normal development. Wild-animal "performers" are forced to live in extreme confinement and are frequently trained to perform unnatural and confusing tricks through the use of physical abuse and food deprivation. They're often prevented from engaging in natural behavior, which causes them extreme psychological stress.

photo of bear in Geico ad. Screenshot from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_VYvI3L08s
Animals used in ads, such as the bear above featured in GEICO's "Man Cave" commercial, are often trained to perform confusing tricks through the use of forceful tactics.

GEICO's assurance that American Humane (AH) was on set during filming of the commercial provides little assurance of the bear's well-being. Its seal of approval means nothing except that animals weren't harmed in plain sight of a representative. Most abuse occurs off the set, during training. The Hollywood Reporter's investigation into AH found that despite AH monitoring, animal "actors" are often put into dangerous situations, injured, or even killed during commercial and film shoots. For example, more than two dozen animals died during the 2012 production of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, despite AH monitoring.

A number of companies—including Chase Bank, Pfizer, and TELUS—have pledged not to use wild animals in their ads, and PETA is urging GEICO to follow suit. Using the form below, please send a polite note to GEICO and urge the company to pull the offensive commercial and to pledge not to use live wild animals in future ads.


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