Barnes & Noble College: Stop Selling Dead Cats and Pigs

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Barnes & Noble College is a bookstore, but did you know it also sells dead animals and their body parts? The company profits from selling dead fetal pigs and cats as well as sheep's brains, eyes, and hearts.

dead cat used for dissection

The company's college bookstores sell them to students for dissection, even though humane options are readily available and more effective. Peer-reviewed literature confirms that students who use non-animal dissection methods perform better in learning assessments than those who dissect animals. Studies also show that being forced to dissect can actually scare students away from pursuing a career in a science-related field.

Pigs and sheep whose bodies and body parts are sold at the bookstore were likely violently killed in slaughterhouses. Dissecting animals teaches students to view living, feeling beings as disposable objects and fosters callousness toward them. Barnes & Noble College should be encouraging students to use leading technology and equipment that is ethical, sustainable, and free of toxic chemicals.

Students should be taught that animals are sensitive individuals who deserve our respect and kindness so that they can grow into empathetic humans who are capable of treating others with kindness. Dead animals and their body parts don't belong in bookstores or classrooms.

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