Adoptable Dog Transferred for Torment to Another Texas A&M Lab

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Classes have been canceled at Texas A&M University, students have been sent home, and the school's laboratories have been ordered to scale back as part of COVID-19 precautions.

However, while the remainder of the country comes to a standstill, the imprisonment continues unabated for Cannoli—a golden retriever born into the canine muscular dystrophy lab. The healthy 2-year-old has been transferred to another Texas A&M laboratory, likely to be used in more cruel experiments.

photo of Cannoli

After PETA's campaigning forced the university to stop breeding dogs into a lifetime of torment in the canine muscular dystrophy lab, Cannoli was listed for adoption. PETA has repeatedly offered to take all the dogs—including him—but the school has ignored us.

Instead of giving Cannoli a well-deserved, loving home, Texas A&M took him off the adoption list and has condemned him to more suffering. This move shows that to the university, he and the rest of the dogs are nothing more than interchangeable laboratory equipment that can be swapped out and traded as needed and at will. To Texas A&M, Cannoli is apparently no different from a beaker or a test tube.

Research shows that dogs like Cannoli have a strong desire to form close bonds with and to love and be loved by their humans. He deserves better. You can help.

Please e-mail these members of the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents and urge them to release Cannoli and all the remaining dogs and shut down the canine muscular dystrophy laboratory now:

Then, use the form below to ask Michael J. Plank, another member of the board, to do the same.

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