UC-Davis Students Want to Shut Down Monkey Lab. Help Them!

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My name is Kara Long, and I'm a Students Opposing Speciesism hub leader at the University of California–Davis. When I learned that monkeys were being used in cruel experiments at the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) at my school, I was horrified. I've been working around the clock with the animal rights group Davis Organization for Animal Advocacy, and we have rallied our classmates to demand that this lab shut its doors and free the animals—but we need everyone to add their outrage to our cause.

Thousands of animals—including ones who may be just hours old—are being psychologically traumatized, infected with deadly viruses, inflicted with painful diseases, and killed for cruel and wasteful experiments at the CNPRC.

At the CNPRC, experimenters strapped masks onto monkeys' heads —forcing them to breathe in toxic inhalants. Macaques are purposely kept thirsty to compel them to comply with experimenters in exchange for a few drops of water or juice. These experiments are painful and wasteful, squandering tens of millions of dollars every year—and the results don't even apply to humans!

Regardless of whether or not humans could benefit, we should know better. Like all other animals, monkeys can feel pain, deserve consideration, and want more than life in a laboratory cage, where their every need and desire goes unmet. Monkeys are lively social animals who live in large troops and are able to swim. Depending on the species, they live in forests, on plains, or among cliffs and on rocky terrain.

None of us likes being isolated in our homes—can you imagine yourself in the place of the macaques in laboratories? Many are locked alone in barren metal cages that are so small they can only take one or two steps in any direction. And they have no control over anything that happens to them. Their suffering is almost unimaginable. But we can end it.

The CNPRC must stop torturing and killing animals in cruel and worthless experiments and transform itself into a scientific center that's dedicated to using modern, animal-free research methods. Please help us speak up for the thousands of monkeys whose lives are painfully destroyed at the CNPRC. Together, we can end this horrific speciesism.

Tell the UC-Davis Chancellor to Shut This Lab Down Now!

Gary S.
May, Ph.D.
University of California, Davis

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