Urge President Trump to Close Slaughterhouses

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Since April, 18 slaughterhouses operated by meat companies such as JBS USA, Tyson, Smithfield, and Cargill have shut down after reportedly over 5,000 workers have been infected with the novel coronavirus and more than a dozen have died. President Donald Trump recently signed a nonbinding Executive Order ordering slaughterhouses to remain open and will try to protect them from legal liability.

For the sake of human health and in behalf of the animals destined to be slaughtered and the migrant and other workers who are treated like scum in these slaughterhouses and whose families are more at risk than in almost any other job, PETA asks the nation to rise up and shout a resounding "NO" to keeping slaughterhouses open at this time.

Join PETA in urging Trump to reverse the executive order and keep slaughterhouses closed since they not only put workers and the public health at risk but also cause the violent, bloody deaths of billions of animals every year.

Please contact the White House right away to urge the administration to keep bloody, dangerous slaughterhouses closed.

Mr. Donald Trump

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