Canada Has Stopped Buying Monkeys from PPI--Let's Make It Permanent

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Update: Good news! The Canadian government's acquisition page makes no mention of Primate Products, Inc. (PPI). We confirmed with an official that Canada has not purchased primates from PPI since 2015. We're grateful that the government is doing the right thing by not doing business with this reprehensible company. Now, we need your help to make this decision permanent. Please take action below!

PETA has learned that the Canadian government has arranged to purchase monkeys from the notorious Florida-based monkey dealer Primate Products, Inc. (PPI), which imports primates taken from the wild or bred on squalid factory farms in order to sell them for use in terrifying, painful, and often deadly experiments. Following a disturbing PETA eyewitness investigation, PPI was recently cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for at least 25 serious animal welfare violations.

PETA's investigation revealed that PPI has allowed monkeys to suffer from fully or partially missing fingers and tails; performed tail amputations on monkeys in filthy conditions and without adequate pain relief; violently chased and grabbed monkeys, causing them pain and injury; crudely ripped out monkeys' teeth by hand; and housed monkeys in freezing conditions with no heat, causing them to sustain severe frostbite. PPI is currently under investigation by U.S. authorities and being scrutinized by members of Congress.

Because of PPI's well-documented cruelty to animals, PETA is calling on the Canadian government to cut ties with the company for good.

Please send a message to Canadian Minister of Health Ginette Petitpas Taylor and urge her and the Public Health Agency of Canada to sever ties with PPI permanently!

Ginette Petitpas

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