Minks Suffer for Fur Lashes! Urge Lilly Lashes to Stop Selling Them

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There's nothing pretty about the fur industry. As this video shows, mink fur comes from animals who live and die horribly. Lilly Lashes knows just how much minks suffer, but it still continues to sell fur lashes.

Minks are shy, solitary animals who are fearful of humans and enjoy having a vast habitat in which to forage, climb, and swim. PETA's undercover investigations have revealed that fur farms confine these animals to cramped wire cages that are often caked with waste. The animals frequently show signs of extreme psychological distress, such as frantic circling and self-mutilation, and suffer from infections, gaping wounds, and other illnesses and injuries that commonly go untreated. Mink farmers commonly use the cheapest killing methods available—including gassing, electrocution, and neck-breaking—before peeling the skin off their bodies.

photo of mink in filthy cage

What You Can Do

Whether it's a pair of false eyelashes or a coat, if you buy products made from minks, you're supporting the cruel fur industry. PETA has contacted Lilly Lashes and shared information about how minks are abused and killed on fur farms. And luxurious animal-free options are plentiful! Please help animals suffering right now by urging Lilly Lashes to drop fur lashes immediately.

Lilly Lashes

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