Tell Gucci That Tigers, Monkeys, and Owls Suffer for Its Ads

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For years, Gucci has ignored the plight of animals in the entertainment industry by exploiting them, including wild species like tigers and monkeys, in its advertising campaigns. Its new campaign is no different, as it showcases Gucci-clad models along with captive deer, owls, skunks, and other animals.


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Torn away from their mothers as babies, animals used for entertainment and advertisements are often subjected to abusive training methods and forced to spend most of their lives in small, filthy cages, deprived of everything that's natural and important to them.

Far from creative or original, Gucci's fashion spreads featuring animals are simply versions of the pathetic "wildlife selfie" phenomenon. Media depictions of wild animals interacting with humans are known to promote exotic-animal ownership, which fuels the illegal wildlife trade and hinders conservation efforts.

While owls are social and live in pairs or family groups, in captivity, they're usually confined alone. No owl, tiger, monkey, or any other animal dreams of being on TV or in magazines, but Gucci has repeatedly demonstrated human-supremacist values (aka "speciesism") by using animals as props in its ads.

Please join PETA in urging Gucci to pull its latest ads featuring animals and to commit to no longer using them in future advertising campaigns.


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