Urge J.Crew Group to Ban Wool and Cashmere

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Update: February 19, 2021
J.Crew has announced its adoption of a “good” cashmere standard—which is textbook humane washing—the practice of making misleading claims about animal welfare to benefit a company’s image.

Among numerous other failures, the standard allows untrained farmers to kill baby goats through blunt force trauma; doesn’t require the certification of off-farm slaughter sites, which could include those similar to the slaughterhouses where PETA Asia eyewitnesses found workers hitting goats on the head with a hammer and slitting their throats; allows for workers to rip out goats’ hair with sharp metal combs—a terrifying and violent ordeal that can be seen in PETA Asia’s investigation—and only requires 10% of “certified” farms to be annually audited.

Don’t let J.Crew get away with humane washing its brand—take action below!

Original post:
J.Crew Group, which operates the J.Crew and Madewell brands, has filed for bankruptcy, and PETA is urging it to make the compassionate and business-savvy decision to ban cruelly obtained wool and cashmere.

PETA and our international affiliates have released 14 exposés of more than 100 sheep farms on four continents, revealing that sheep are beaten, kicked, punched, and mutilated in the wool industry, as this is the industry norm.

In the cashmere industry in Mongolia and China (countries that supply 90% of the world's cashmere), PETA Asia revealed goats screaming in terror as workers pinned them down and ripped the hair out of their sensitive skin with sharp metal combs, leaving them with bloody wounds—and all for a cashmere sweater or scarf.

Just like us, sheep and goats experience pain, fear, and stress but also joy and companionship. Sheep recognize faces even after years have passed, and even a photograph of a good friend can calm them. Goats also recognize their friends, and they rival dogs in their ability to read human emotions. These animals want to be free to make their own choices and follow their instincts. However, in the wool and cashmere industries, they're deprived of all that is natural and important to them.

J.Crew Group claims that it's committed to animal welfare and that it puts the customer first. If that's true, now would be the perfect time to prove it since consumers today are looking for brands that act responsibly toward animals and the planet. Supporting cruelty to animals is never responsible.

Tell J.Crew Group to stop profiting from the suffering and deaths of animals used for wool and cashmere and switch to sustainable vegan fabrics.

J.Crew Group

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