Urge the San Antonio Bowl Association to 'Remember the Alamo' and Not Support SeaWorld!

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"Remember the Alamo!" This phrase has long served as a battle cry for Texans and a warning to those who engage in merciless cruelty. However, apparently, the San Antonio Bowl Association doesn't remember it at all. It continues to promote SeaWorld by partnering with the abusement park for its Alamo Bowl, advertising the park on its website, and even hosting a media day there, which includes swimming with dolphins—despite hearing from PETA that orcas there are cruelly confined to barren concrete tanks and can become neurotic, aggressive, and self-destructive because of the stress of captivity.

Since the release of the critically acclaimed documentary Blackfish, which exposed SeaWorld's record of animal mistreatment to the public, people around the world have united against the park. Dozens of companies have severed ties with it, and celebrities—including Nick Cannon, James Cromwell, and Noah Cyrus—have spoken out against it. At least 40 orcas have died at SeaWorld's parks, and hundreds of other dolphins, whales, sea lions, and other animals have also died there—many prematurely. Facing sinking attendance numbers, the company finally announced that it would end its sordid orca-breeding program—which has since been banned in California—but this action does nothing for the 21 orcas who are still suffering at SeaWorld and the more than 100 other dolphins and whales who may still be bred, sometimes forcibly after being drugged.

It's time that SeaWorld acknowledged that people don't want to see orcas, other dolphins and whales, and other sensitive, intelligent animals swimming in endless circles in concrete tanks.

Please urge the San Antonio Bowl Association to stop supporting SeaWorld until the orcas there have been safely and permanently retired to seaside sanctuaries—then, follow up with a polite call to 210-226-BOWL (2695).


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