Please Ask Movistar+ to Stop Supporting the Torture and Killing of Bulls

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In the bullring, bulls desperately seek a way out. But there's nowhere to flee, so they must face the destiny that we humans have chosen for them: a painful death.

The life of bulls is one of torture, even before they enter the ring. Days before the bullfight, they are denied food, and in their last hours, they're also denied water. Bulls are kept in the dark for hours, and their horns are shaved, stripping them of their only defense, so they lose any hope of fleeing to safety.

They are beaten on their kidneys and testicles with sandbags or sticks to make them weak. Petroleum jelly is rubbed into their eyes to impair their vision. Cotton balls are stuffed inside their noses so that they have trouble breathing, their ears are tied with wet newspaper to hamper their balance and reflexes, and they're given laxatives to weaken them even more.

Terrified, confused, and bleeding everywhere, they make "attacks" that are nothing but desperate attempts to defend themselves from men who chase and hurt them.

PETA Latino, along with 800 other animal rights groups around the world, fired off a letter to the president of Telefónica urging him to reject any plans to televise the bloody bullfights. Shortly afterward, PETA Latino sent a public letter to Movistar+ President Sergio Oslé also asking him not to broadcast these cruel events.

Please take action NOW and ask Movistar+ to respect the majority of people in Spain and Latin America who are against bullfighting and suspend the broadcast of this televised torture.

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