Ask Yosemite Foods to Stop Killing Pigs in Wake of Video Exposé, Feds' Report

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Breaking video footage recorded at Yosemite Foods, Inc., in California and released by Direct Action Everywhere shows workers beating and kicking pigs.

Pigs shackled by a leg and hanging upside down are shown trying to right themselves—indicating that they were regaining consciousness after they were gassed with carbon dioxide and their throats were slashed.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture documented such cruelty at Yosemite Foods in September 2019, when a worker plunged a knife into an obviously conscious pig, who immediately screamed and kicked frantically.

PETA has asked Yosemite Foods President Steven Lau to stop slaughtering pigs on his kill floor and publicly livestream video from all areas of his facility where other live animals are handled.

picture of sad pig looking through bars

We've also asked him what action, if any, he has taken against his staff members referenced in the federal report and shown in the video. We're urging him to reassign them to jobs that don't involve contact with live animals—such as evisceration, butchering, and packaging—and report them to his local law-enforcement agency so that they might be investigated for possible violations of California's anti-cruelty statute.

Pigs Need You to Help Stop This!

Pigs' oinks, grunts, and squeals aren't just arbitrary noises. More than 20 of these sounds have been matched with specific circumstances, from wooing potential mates to expressing distress or joy. How will you use your unique voice to help stop their suffering in slaughterhouses? Animals are not ours to abuse in any way, and the best thing that you can do for pigs is to refuse to buy their flesh. With so many delicious, healthy vegan options, it's never been easier to leave animal-derived foods off your plate.

Please also join PETA in contacting Lau. Ask him to take drastic, immediate action to prevent some of the worst animal suffering at his facility.

Yosemite Foods, Inc.

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