TELL CONGRESS: No More Money for Elisabeth Murray’s Monkey Terror Lab

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In a taxpayer-funded laboratory at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), experimenter Elisabeth Murray has subjected hundreds of monkeys—many of them intentionally brain-damaged—to devastating social isolation, repeated surgeries, and worthless tests. We need your help to get this lab shut down.

image of monkey in cage

Shocking footage of Murray’s experiments shows frightened monkeys inside small cages being terrorized repeatedly with fake but realistic-looking snakes and spiders. First, the monkeys are subjected to multiple invasive surgeries to induce permanent brain damage or to affix titanium head posts directly to their skulls.

During behavioral testing, Murray keeps the animals thirsty or hungry, blows puffs of air into their eyes, and restrains them for extended periods. They’re caged alone for years, some for even more than a decade—condemned to social isolation that causes profound psychological and physiological distress.

Seemingly running out of fresh ideas for abusing her victims, Murray has resorted to subjecting some of them to other bizarre experiments, in which she forces them to watch videos of cartoon shapes—just so she can see if they think the cartoons have feelings.

rhesus monkeys

Murray’s laboratory has been tormenting monkeys in painful and invasive experiments for more than four decades, squandering more than $50 million of your federal tax money since 1998 to do so. That’s $50 million that could have been invested in the multitudes of modern, humane, clinically relevant research methods that could easily, effectively, and permanently replace Murray’s cruel and useless tests.

That’s where you come in. Please join thousands of PETA supporters in calling on your members of Congress to urge NIH Director Monica Bertagnolli to put an end to Murray’s experiments.

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