Urge Texas A&M Board to Release 19 Dogs Serving Life Sentences in Lab

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The notorious canine muscular dystrophy (MD) laboratory at Texas A&M University should permanently close its doors. Following an intensive PETA campaign—including the release of video footage—Texas A&M bowed to pressure in 2019 and permanently ended its MD laboratory dog-breeding program.

However, it's still warehousing 19 dogs, most of them golden retrievers, in barren metal cages, even though the lead experimenter has retired and the program appears to have little funding for experiments.

dogs at TAMU

It’s almost unimaginable just how much pain and suffering Texas A&M has inflicted on the dogs over the course of their lives. Twelve of them—including Baguette, Barbara, Brioche, and Cheddar—are carriers for the gene that causes MD but don’t have it themselves and are healthy.

Peter Nghiem, the laboratory’s lead experimenter, has publicly claimed that healthy dogs are adopted out after he’s finished using them. This is a lie. Three such dogs remain in barren metal cages in Nghiem’s lab, even though it has little funding for experiments. Nine other healthy dogs were transferred to another Texas A&M laboratory, including Cannoli, who had initially been put up for adoption. But he was betrayed by the school when he was transferred to the second lab.

It’s apparent that rather than admitting defeat, the school prefers to save face by keeping the remaining 19 dogs imprisoned, even though PETA has repeatedly offered to take them and place them in permanent, loving homes.

That’s why your help is needed. Your calls and e-mails have helped to get a number of dogs released for adoption. We need to keep the pressure on for the ones who have been left behind.

Please use the link below to join thousands of PETA supporters in calling on the members of The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents to use their authority and order a release of all remaining dogs from the canine MD laboratory.

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