Update: Beavers Still in Danger in Steilacoom, Washington

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City officials in Steilacoom, Washington, reportedly met on September 3 to discuss the ongoing concerns regarding beaver activity there. Apparently, experts instructed the city to improve its culvert system more than 20 years ago, and it evidently failed to do so. Now beavers are being affected: The city is reportedly attempting to trap them.

PETA has apprised the mayor and city council members of the cruelty and futility of this plan and has provided details regarding effective and humane beaver-control tips, but they apparently still won't halt their alleged trapping initiative! Despite knowing that new beavers will simply move into the waterway, the city has apparently still chosen to stay stuck in a cycle of removing beavers rather than installing tried-and-true devices that alter the water flow to prevent flooding.

photo of beautiful beaver couple

Please politely urge Steilacoom officials to commit to using humane measures such as fence and pipe devices, which prevent beavers from damming culverts or encourage them to move elsewhere, or Clemson Leveler devices, which allow water to flow through an existing dam in such a way that beavers cannot detect. Dams can be notched to prevent flooding in the interim. Then forward this alert to everyone you know!

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