Tell UPS to Stop Shipping Hunting Trophies

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Global condemnation of Cecil the lion's death didn't diminish trophy hunters' thirst for blood.

Majestic wild animals will continue to be slaughtered to boost hunters' egos and fulfill their perverse sense of "fun" as long as wildlife slayers with something to prove can ship heads, tails, and skins back home. Join us in telling UPS that supporting trophy hunts is unacceptable.

Since 2015, when the cold-hearted killing of Cecil—Zimbabwe's most beloved lion—sparked international outrage, more than 40 airlines have banned the transport of wildlife trophies. However, even in the wake of the recent killing of Cecil's son, Xanda, by a trophy hunter, UPS refuses to stop shipping hunting trophies and perpetuates the slaughter of exotic animals.

Although lions in central and western Africa are now listed as "endangered" or "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act—meaning that the importation of their heads, tails, and skins is prohibited, except under limited circumstances—this doesn't protect the many other animals who could be tragically killed by trophy hunters. We're calling on UPS to ban the shipment of animals' bodies.

lion killed by hunters
Trophy hunter and Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer smiles over the corpse of an animal, who, like Cecil and Xanda, only wanted to be left in peace.

UPS has banned the transport of shark fins and live animals, as well as ivory and ivory goods, so we know that the company can and will act when it feels that it's important to do so.

Take action right now by contacting UPS and urging the company to end the transport of hunting trophies TODAY—and then share this alert widely with your friends and family.


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