Take a Stand Against Nestea's CruelTEA

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Dying for a glass of iced tea? The animals tormented in Nestea's deadly tea experiments are.

Experimenters injected mice with toxic chemicals to give them diabetes and then force-fed them tea ingredients before killing them. In another experiment, mice were force-fed tea extracts and then had their leg muscles cut open before they were decapitated. The maker of Nestea also funded an experiment in which brain-damaged and rapidly aging mice were locked in dark chambers and given painful shocks to their extraordinarily sensitive feet before being killed. Even though the tests are not required by law, Nestea causes animals to suffer and die simply so that the company can investigate the possible health benefits of tea products.

We are calling on you to take a stand for animals who are still suffering in laboratories. Take a stand against Nestea's cruel tests on animals! Fill out the form to help put an end to the deadly tea tests by vowing to drink only cruelty-free tea.


Pledge to Drink Only Cruelty-Free Tea


From this point forward, I refuse to buy Nestea. I will not support a company that tortures and kills animals in cruel and painful experiments. By signing my name, I'm taking a stand for animals and vowing to drink only cruelty-free tea.

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