Oregon: Urge the Governor to Shut Down Cruel Fur Farms, a Coronavirus Risk!

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Minks on fur farms all over the world—including in Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.S. (in Michigan, Utah, and Wisconsin)—have contracted the novel coronavirus from human workers. Thousands of minks have already died from it in the U.S., and six countries (Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, and the U.S.) as well as the Faroe Islands are now reporting a new mink-related Sars-CoV-2 mutation in humans. Denmark has already killed millions of minks and is planning to kill all of them in the country—up to 17 million—because of the mutated strain of coronavirus.

photo of minks on fur farm in filthy cages

The coronavirus crisis has shown us that cramming sick and stressed animals together in unsanitary conditions creates the perfect breeding grounds for dangerous zoonotic diseases, which can jump from other species to humans. On fur farms, minks, foxes, and other animals are confined to wire cages, often stacked atop each other, allowing disease to spread easily through urine, excrement, pus, and blood.

If you're an Oregon resident, please join PETA in calling on Gov. Kate Brown to follow the lead of France, the Netherlands, and Poland by shutting down the state's risky, cruel fur farms immediately. Minks and other fur-bearing animals are individuals who just want to be left alone to explore, care for their young, and live as they please. No one, including minks, deserves to die from COVID-19—and the animals definitely don't deserve to live in filth and be gassed, bludgeoned, or skinned for fashion.

Gov. Gov. Kate Brown

State of Oregon

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