Animals Reportedly Stepped On, Crushed, and Boiled to Death at SeaQuest—Take Action Now

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Nationwide, SeaQuest aquariums are amassing an ever-growing list of dead animals, animal neglect allegations, citations and fines, and injuries to the public. The company continues to ignore the law and the needs of the animals trapped in its aquariums.

At its Las Vegas facility, former employees reported that birds were stepped on and killed, turtles were crushed by children, and an octopus boiled to death when the tank's water temperature changed. In Colorado, SeaQuest illegally imported a sloth and two capybaras and opened without a permit from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and its state exhibitor's license was suspended for two years. In California, a visitor found a stingray dead in a touch tank, and in Texas, multiple visitors sustained wounds from an otter.

Stingrays are shy animals who prefer to spend their time near the bottom of the ocean, but in touch tanks, they can't escape being poked and prodded by humans. And capybaras are highly social animals who spend their days swimming, snacking, and snoozing in the tropical rainforests of South America. But at SeaQuest, they are kept inside shopping malls and, at some locations, are completely alone in cramped enclosures. Confining animals to a lifetime of deprivation inside a shopping mall so that humans can gawk at them is a form of speciesism—a human-supremacist viewpoint.

Please urge SeaQuest to stop exploiting animals and to transfer them to reputable facilities.


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