Wisconsin Historical Society: Animal Circuses Belong in the History Books!

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Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin, has a long history of hosting cruel and archaic live-animal acts. Since the government-run Wisconsin Historical Society recently took control of operations at the facility, it now has the perfect opportunity to relegate these animal acts to the history books.

Unfortunately, the society has refused even to acknowledge that animals endure suffering for the circus or discuss ending the use of animals in its shows. Join PETA and Wisconsin native Gena Rowlands in letting the Wisconsin Historical Society know that these cruel animal acts must go.

Carson & Barnes Circus, which frequently supplies the elephants for Circus World acts, has an egregious record of mistreatment of animals that includes more than 100 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act, including while at Circus World, when it was cited for failing to show that it had provided a thin elephant who had visible hip bones and shoulder blades with veterinary care. In 2017, another elephant escaped from her confines at Circus World and was found wandering through a residential neighborhood. Ryan Easley, who supplied the big cats for the act, was caught violently whipping tigers during training sessions—and one of them was whipped 31 times.

All decent people know by now that animals exist for their own reasons, not to be used as entertainment for humans. Speak up for animals now by urging the Wisconsin Historical Society to get with the times and end cruel and archaic animal acts!

Christian W.
Wisconsin Historical Society

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