University of California: Help Stop the Slaughter—It’s Time to Go Plant-Based


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Students and organizations across the University of California school system are demanding an end to the slaughter and sale of animals on their campuses!

Animals deserve to live in peace.

Animals are intelligent and sensitive individuals who have feelings and families—they’re not food. Consuming their flesh, eggs, or milk is not a “personal choice,” because there is a victim. The violence inflicted on animals used and killed for food would be deemed repulsive and unthinkable if done to companion animals. It’s time to open our hearts and minds to the ideas that all animals are the same in the ways that matter and that it’s unacceptable to torment and slaughter certain species just because we think it’s convenient.

Raising and killing animals for food is a major contributor to climate change.

Animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse-gas emissions, ocean dead zones, water pollution, species extinction, and deforestation. Animal-derived foods are unsustainable, meaning people can’t keep eating them. Universities can easily support their students’ futures by offering delicious plant-based meals and getting rid of unethical, unhealthy, and unsustainable meats, cheeses, and other animal-derived foods.

Speciesism has no place on UC campuses.

In line with the idea that no animal is ours to exploit or kill, this campaign is also asking that the UC school system switch to buying only cruelty-free items for all areas unrelated to campus dining (such as classroom supplies and cleaning products used by the school). And the groups are calling on it to use its campus publications and news releases to condemn the exploitation and slaughter of animals in the food industry. The UCs need to help dismantle the systems of discrimination and oppression that they’re currently supporting and choose to denounce speciesism.

Support This Campaign!

Join student organizations across the UCs in pushing for a ban on serving slaughtered animals and other animal-derived foods as well as on supplying animal-tested products to students, teachers, and staff on UC campuses. And follow the campaign on Instagram (@UCStopTheSlaughter) and

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Help Stop the Slaughter— Tell the University of California It’s Time to Go Plant-Based

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