End the Monkey Terror Experiments


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Elisabeth Murray is an animal experimenter at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) who saws open monkeys' skulls and then injects toxins in order to burn brain cells or suctions out parts of the brain, causing permanent and traumatic damage.

After mutilating monkeys in repeated invasive surgeries, she confines them to a small cage and purposely terrifies them by placing fake spiders and snakes in front of them. Monkeys are inherently afraid of these animals, and even though these are artificial, they are realistic-looking and some of them can move or even jump.

image of monkey clawing at cage walls

After denying the monkeys access to fresh air, sunshine, and trees and depriving them of companionship, family, and freedom for their entire lives, Murray eventually kills them.

photo of scared monkey with spider in front of it

PETA obtained 43 hours of never-before-seen video footage of her twisted "emotional responsiveness" tests on dozens of monkeys at NIH's laboratory. She claims that her experiments shed light on human neuropsychiatric disorders—a flimsy and unfounded excuse to torture and kill sensitive animals on the taxpayers' dime.

Murray's experiments have raked in more than $36 million in taxpayer funds in the past 13 years alone—but not one treatment or cure for humans has ever come out of her fake-science experiments in 30 years.

image of monkey with missing patches of hair

These monkeys deserve to be free. And while it's too late for some—because they've already been killed—we can't let these sadistic and idiotic experiments continue.

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