Dozens of Horses Dead in New York—Take Action!

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What if multiple New York Knicks players were dying on the basketball court every month? Or what if dozens of New York Jets football players were sustaining fatal injuries at practices? How would state officials respond? They would take immediate and decisive action to stop the massacre. But what has the New York State Gaming Commission done in response to the deaths of 69 horses at New York racetracks in 2020 and the deaths of 63 horses so far in 2021? Not enough.

These 63 deaths include 3-year-old Thoroughbred Kiss Me Dave (footage above), who was forced to run in her first and final race at Aqueduct, and Standardbred Twice an Angel, who was fatally injured in a harness race at Monticello Raceway (footage below).

Horses are intelligent and empathetic animals who shouldn’t be forced to suffer and die, and if the industry can’t keep its “athletes” alive, racing must end. New York officials have failed to do all that they can to stop the deaths. Here’s what they must do, as a start: Suspend all racing until these 11 simple rules have been implemented. They include banning all medications two weeks before a race, replacing all dirt tracks with high-quality synthetic ones, and banning whipping. Implementing these rules is the minimum action that must be taken. They’re not difficult to understand, and they’re entirely doable.

Please tell the New York State Gaming Commission to act right now to prevent more horses from dying on tracks in New York.

New York State Racing and Training Deaths in 2021

Sander’s Empire
All Mo
Spy Story
That’s Official
Oh My Papa
Daytime Doll
Nisbet Beach
Prospect Mountain
Creative Style
Melanie’s Filly
Hyperactive Chris
Big Luther
Kiss Me Dave
Twice an Angel
Always Rock N Roll
Determined Heart
Singapore Trader
Unrelenting Force
Buyer's Remorse
Mister Bobby
Latin Love Bug
Dads Honor
Cin Cin Cowboy
Singular Sensation
Lady Sansa
Greek Sonnet
Lord Camden
Not that Brady
charge into war
Fiddlers Girl
Strong Moment
Independent One
Pleasure Luck
Solo Story
Mama Kin
Red Roll
Allstar Energy
Fifth Avenue Red
Butter Lou
Go With Honor
Matt Major
Quick Nick
Wasn't Me
America's Joy
Booby Trap
He's a Lucky Devil
Baltimore Bucko
Happy Happy B
New York State
Gaming Commission
New York State Gaming Commission

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