PETA’s Not Your Usual Animal Rights Conference

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Are you ready to see what animal rights is all about?

Are you ready to reinvigorate your activism?

Are you ready to help end speciesism?

PETA’s one-of-a-kind virtual animal rights conference may be over, but we have your exclusive access to on-demand classes!

You won’t want to miss this—here’s just some of what those who attended had to say about it: “[F]antastic!” “I learned so much!” “I’m telling my friends about this.” “Great information!” “Impressive, gripping and personal! PETA’s staff are inspiring and motivational.” “The conference was absolutely incredible! So professional, so positive, so helpful.”

Are you looking to jump-start or reinvigorate your activism? Or perhaps you’re wondering what you can do to help end speciesism? Buy unlimited access to all conference videos now as well as additional resources to assist you with your activism.

Here’s the list of empowering and informative class videos available for viewing!

  • How You Can Be the One to Pull the Plug on SeaWorld and Other Marine Prisons
    Sponsored by Mal Warwick Donordigital
    Dr. Heather Rally, Supervising Vet, Captive Animal Law Enforcement, PETA Foundation
  • PETA's Legal Eagles Take You Inside the Courtroom on Groundbreaking Cases
    Jeff Kerr, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, PETA Foundation
    Caitlin Hawks, Deputy General Counsel of Litigation, PETA Foundation
  • Discover Your Superpower: You Can Stop Animal Tests!
    Sponsored by M+R
    Shalin Gala, Vice President, International Laboratory Methods, PETA
  • Beyond Meat Remix: Cooking Class With Jane Velez-Mitchell
    Sponsored by Engaging Networks
    Jane Velez-Mitchell, television journalist, author, and activist
  • Binge-Watch With a Purpose: How You Can Be an Effective TV and Movie Critic
    Lisa Lange, Senior Vice President of Communications, PETA
  • The Extraordinary Life of Sea Animals
    Jonathan Balcombe, Ethologist and Author
  • That Coat Belongs to Alfie: You Can Help Animals Keep Their Skins
    Sponsored by Wuxly Movement
    Sadie Buckles, Assistant Manager, International Grassroots Campaigns Department, PETA
  • Manly vs. Macho: How Men Are Sold a Bill of Goods
    Jim Mason, Lawyer, Journalist, and Animal Rights Activist
    Intro by Bruce Wieland, Associate Director, Special Projects, Communications Dept., PETA
  • Tiger King and His Pals: What You Didn't See on TV
    Brittany Peet, Deputy General Counsel, Captive Animal Law Enforcement, PETA Foundation
  • Surprising Ways to Stop the Pet Pimps in Your Town
    Daphna Nachminovitch, Senior Vice President, Cruelty Investigations, PETA
    Dan Paden, Vice President, Evidence Analysis, PETA
  • Parents, Teachers, and Students: Revolutionary Teaching Tools You Will Demand
    Caroline Gardner, Manager, Live Events, PETA
  • Ride With PETA's Fieldworkers: Let's Go!
    Daphna Nachminovitch, Senior Vice President, Cruelty Investigations, PETA
    Jes Cochran, Field Operations Manager, PETA
  • Gouda Riddance! How You Can Break Up With Cheese, Drop Pounds, and Live Healthfully
    Dr. Neal Barnard, President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
  • The Future of Food: Cook With Chef Matthew Kenney
    Sponsored by Names in the News
    Matthew Kenney, Celebrity Chef, Entrepreneur, and Author
  • Really Useful, Animal-Friendly Travel Tips
    Poorva Joshipura, Vice President of International Affairs, PETA Foundation U.K.
  • Revolutionizing Research: A Real Plan!
    Sponsored by DonorVoice
    Kathy Guillermo, Senior Vice President, Laboratory Investigations Dept., PETA
    Dr. Alka Chandna, Vice President, Laboratory Investigations Dept., PETA
    Dr. Katherine Roe, Senior Research Associate, Laboratory Investigations Dept., PETA
    Dr. Emily Trunnell, Research Associate and IACUC Liaison, PETA
  • I Am an Animal, and So Are You
    Ingrid Newkirk, President and Founder, PETA
  • 'Humane-Washing': Learn How to Spot It and Help Stop It
    Sponsored by Miyoko's Creamery
    Tracy Reiman, Executive Vice President, PETA
  • 101 Real-Life Ways to Seize the Opportunity to Help Animals
    Ashley Byrne, Associate Director of Communications, PETA
  • Burn On, Not Out—We Can Help You Cope!
    Tips From PETA Staff Members

There is a little something for everyone in these class videos and we bet you’ll be inspired and positively transformed after watching (at your leisure!)—whether you’ve been in this social justice movement for years or are now just discovering animal rights. But hurry, this offer will only be available for a short time, so buy your exclusive access today for only $10!

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Please note: All class videos will have closed captioning available.