Ask Oscar Mayer to Hold the Bologna and Make Vegan Meats

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When PETA attended the Kraft Heinz Company’s 2021 annual meeting and asked when Oscar Mayer (a subsidiary of Kraft) would produce vegan hot dogs, representatives assured us that the company was interested in producing a line of vegan meats and planned to check with its consumers to see if they liked the idea as well.

Oscar Mayer’s customers would surely welcome a selection of healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly vegan meats, and so would new customers, including folks who currently only support vegan-friendly companies, such as Turtle Island, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Worthington, and MorningStar Farms, or conventional meat companies that offer vegan options, such as Smithfield and Hormel.

photo of demonstration near Oscar Mayer wienermobile

All animals deserve equal consideration—they can experience pain, suffering, joy, and fear, just as we can, even though their physiology is quite different. For example, pigs are playful, friendly, sensitive, and intelligent. Much like humans, they are soothed by music, love playing ball, and even enjoy getting massages. But on factory farms, they’re forced to live in stressful, cramped, filthy conditions until they’re sent to a slaughterhouse. If given the choice, pigs would spend their days foraging, playing, and lying in the sun.

photo of pigs on farms / expectation versus reality

As PETA pointed out to Kraft Heinz, the vegan meat market is forecast to grow and the company can meet the rising consumer demand by producing a line of vegan Oscar Mayer meats.

Please let it know that you would welcome a line of vegan meats from Oscar Mayer.


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