Urge OpulenceMD Beauty to Stop Supporting Violence Against Minks

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False-eyelash company OpulenceMD Beauty knows that no one wants to harm animals, which is why it claimed during its Shark Tank appearance that the mink fur it sells is “cruelty-free.” But the reality is that mink fur typically comes from animals who are forced to live in deplorable conditions and die in agony.

The fur industry is an endless nightmare for millions of intelligent, solitary minks who rightfully fear humans. Instead of swimming, climbing, and foraging on thousands of acres of wetland habitat like they would in nature, minks on fur factory farms are imprisoned for life in filthy wire cages so small that they can take only a few steps in any direction. They go insane—endlessly pace and circle and even bite into their own skin—because they’re denied everything that gives their lives meaning. Animals on fur farms frequently suffer from untreated infections and missing ears and legs, and they often lack basic necessities such as food, water, and medical care. Farmers gas, electrocute, or break minks’ necks before tearing off their skin.

As a product of the fur industry, not only are mink lashes a direct contributor to the horrors of factory farming and the deaths of millions of minks every year, they’re also partly responsible for fueling the coronavirus pandemic. Mink-related outbreaks of COVID-19 have been recorded on fur factory farms in 12 countries—Canada, Denmark (where a variant of the disease in minks infected humans), France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the U.S.—resulting in the emergency mass slaughter of tens of millions of animals.

photo of protester on the left and photo of mink fur farm on the right

What You Can Do
The only cruelty-free lashes are vegan ones, and beauty retailers Sephora and Velour stopped selling mink-fur lashes after hearing from compassionate people like you. Please help suffering minks right now by urging OpulenceMD Beauty to drop fur lashes immediately!

Anika S.
Goodwin, MD
OpulenceMD Beauty

Call on OpulenceMD Beauty to stop selling fur lashes!

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