Help End the Suffering of Bettas by Telling Korean Air and EVA Air: Enough!

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Bettas deserve better.

PETA Asia’s exposé reveals that betta fish bred in factories in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries are kept in cruel, cramped conditions and subjected to grueling, days-long transport to the U.S.—often inside tiny plastic bags, with no food and barely enough water to cover their bodies—where they’re sold at Petco stores.

This cruel industry depends on airlines such as Korean Air and EVA Air, which transport live bettas abroad. These airlines are directly responsible for the suffering and death of these fish, and they need to hear from caring people like you.

Every step of the journey—from the breeding factory to Petco’s shelves—is misery for these fish. PETA Asia’s investigator saw bettas dumped onto a plastic tray and left to gasp for air as workers slowly sorted through them before packing them into tiny bags. According to one worker, tranquilizers are added to the water to prevent the hungry and stressed fish from eating their own tails. Many die before they ever reach stores.

Those who survive face a lifetime of confinement in containers that are wholly inadequate for their needs, as a previous PETA exposé showed.

photo of petco betta fish

Bettas are sensitive and complex beings. In nature, they live in the shallow water of marshes, ponds, and slow-moving streams. They’re denied everything that’s natural and important to them when they’re confined to a glass bowl, and they need your help. Please tell EVA Air and Korean Air that the betta fish trade is causing suffering on a massive scale and that they must stop supporting this cruel industry.

Korean Air
Lee Eun
Korean Air

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