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This PETA investigation, which we shared with Aritzia, shows the cruelty inherent in the alpaca industry. Despite knowing how badly alpacas suffer during shearing, the retailer is still selling their fleece.

Alpacas are intelligent, social animals, who live in family groups and communicate with each other by humming. And like many mothers of other species, alpaca moms are very protective of their young, who typically nurse for six to eight months. But in the alpaca industry, these gentle animals are forced to endure immense cruelty—just so humans can sell their fleece as sweaters, scarves, and other items.

A first-of-its-kind PETA undercover investigation at the world’s largest privately owned alpaca farm, in Peru, revealed that workers slammed the alpacas—some of whom were pregnant—onto tables, tied them to a medieval-looking restraining device, and pulled hard, nearly wrenching their legs out of their sockets. They held struggling, crying animals by the ears as they roughly sheared them with electric clippers, causing some to vomit out of fear. The quick, rough shearing left the animals cut up and bleeding from deep wounds, which were sewn up without adequate pain relief.

photo of alpacas on farm

More than 50 brands have banned alpaca because its production is so unethical, including Ann Taylor, Columbia, Marks & Spencer, UNIQLO, and Valentino. Aritzia has already banned fur and angora because of the cruelty involved, and now it’s time to add alpaca fleece to that list.

Help alpacas suffering right now by urging Aritzia to ban alpaca fleece!

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