Urge RUDSAK to Go Fur-Free!

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RUDSAK is a luxury outerwear brand that claims that it’s committed to “promoting innovation” and “deliver[ing] excellence in product design.” Yet it continues to sell fur, an archaic and wholly unnecessary material that’s stripped from animals who were violently killed.

photo of red fox

Before their fur is stitched into RUDSAK’s clothing, foxes, rabbits, and other animals may spend their entire lives confined to filthy cages before finally being beaten, electrocuted, gassed, or skinned alive. And coyotes who are trapped in nature can suffer for days from blood loss and infection—without shelter from freezing temperatures—before the trapper returns to bludgeon, shoot, or kill them in some other horrific way.

All animals deserve equal consideration. They can experience pain, suffering, joy, and fear, just as we can, even though they may look different from us. Foxes and coyotes—both members of the dog family (Canidae)—are loyal animals who form strong bonds with their mates and raise their babies communally. But RUDSAK continues to treat them as if they were nothing more than coat trim.

Hundreds of major designers and retailers—including Arc’teryx, Canada Goose, Columbia Sportswear, Fjällräven, Helly Hansen, The North Face, Patagonia, and REI—have already banned fur. It’s time for RUDSAK to do the same.

Please help suffering animals by urging it to ban fur immediately!

Rudsak, Inc.

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