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The Iditarod, which may as well be called “The Great Northern Dog Abuse Festival,” forces dogs to run about 1,000 miles while pulling a heavy sled in some of the most grueling conditions on Earth. The race is so strenuous that up to half the dogs who start it don’t finish because of exhaustion, illness, or injury—and more than 150 have died running it. Despite this, internet service provider GCI, owned by Liberty Media, continues to prop up this deadly race as one of the last remaining top sponsors.

These dogs are no different from those we share our homes with—they don’t want to run hundreds of miles through subfreezing temperatures, be kept chained up outside in all weather extremes, or be killed because they’re not fast enough. Dogs are considered “man’s best friend”—in fact, almost half of us share our beds with our canine companions. But making them run against their will to entertain humans is a form of speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview.

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Nearly all the major companies that had supported this cruel race have ended their sponsorships, including Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, ExxonMobil, and Jack Daniel’s. Please urge Liberty Media/GCI to do the same, because dogs deserve far better than a lifetime of suffering pulling a sled or isolated on a chain.

Please politely ask Liberty Media to drop GCI’s Iditarod sponsorship.

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