Urge 99 Ranch Market to Stop Selling Coconut Milk That Hurts Monkeys

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Don’t let cruelly produced coconut products end up in your cart! PETA Asia’s 2019 and 2020 undercover investigations into farms, monkey-training facilities, and coconut-picking competitions confirm that Thailand’s coconut industry forces terrified monkeys to climb tall trees and twist off heavy coconuts day after day, including for Chaokoh’s coconut milk. If monkeys try to defend themselves, their canine teeth may be removed, and allegedly, many monkeys are illegally kidnapped from their families as babies. Tethered by their necks and transported in cramped cages, these keenly intelligent primates go insane from the incessant abuse, work, isolation, and deprivation of freedom. All they can do is pace and circle the small patches of dirt they’re chained on that are littered with trash. Some of these suffering monkeys are also forced to perform demeaning tricks for visitors to generate more profit.

Despite this now-public knowledge and consumer backlash, the Thai coconut industry—including Chaokoh and the Thai Food Processors’ Association—and Thailand’s ambassador to the U.S. keep trying to deceive global retailers and consumers about the continued use of forced monkey labor. Farms can simply hide monkeys until auditors leave or hire contractors to bring in the animals only during harvest time.

Nearly 40,000 stores—including those of chains Albertsons, Food Lion, Kroger, Publix, Target, Wegmans, and Walmart—have cut ties with coconut milk brands that use coconuts picked by monkeys. However, 99 Ranch Market, which is owned by Tawa Supermarket, continues to sell Chaokoh coconut milk, which perpetuates abuse and forced monkey labor.



Please send a polite e-mail to 99 Ranch Market asking its executives to reconsider its business relationship with Chaokoh.

Feel free to use the sample letter provided, but writing your own message may be more effective.

99 Ranch Market Group

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