Urge Hobby Lobby to Go Fur-Free!

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Hobby Lobby knows that animals suffer immensely in the fur trade—yet it continues to sell items made of real fur.

photo of rabbits in crate and overlaying image of rabbit fur sold at Hobby Lobby

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Before their fur is sold at Hobby Lobby, rabbits are forced to spend their entire lives inside cramped, filthy wire cages before finally being electrocuted or beaten to death—or even skinned alive. A PETA Asia investigation into fur farming revealed that a worker yanked rabbits out of a crate by their sensitive ears before repeatedly bashing them over the head with a metal pipe in a crude attempt to stun them. He then hung them upside down by the legs and cut off their heads with a knife, even though some were still alive—all in full view of other frightened rabbits. At least one rabbit was so terrified that she lost control of her bladder.

All animals deserve compassion. They can experience pain, suffering, joy, and fear—just as we can—even though they may look different from us. Rabbits are very social individuals. They have families and communities, like to cuddle, communicate through chattering and softly honking, and show joy by jumping into the air with a twist while flicking their feet.

Hundreds of companies—including competitors Jo-Ann Stores and Michaels Stores—have made the kind decision not to sell fur.

photo of rabbits in field

Please take action now to urge Hobby Lobby to stop selling fur!

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