These San Diego–Area Hotels Support Dolphin Abuse—Act Now!

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At a time when the world’s taste for captive-animal displays has soured, it’s hard to believe that any company would want to tarnish its name by partnering with SeaWorld’s notorious abusement parks. Yet that’s exactly what several San Diego–area hotels are doing, and we need your help to show them that the public doesn’t support animal abuse.

Although SeaWorld was forced to end its sordid orca-breeding program in 2016, it continues to sexually abuse and forcibly impregnate other dolphins and whales in order to create generations of animals imprisoned for life. More than 40 orcas and over 500 other dolphins and whales have died at SeaWorld from causes such as bacterial infections and fractured skulls.

Dolphins are naturally talkative, social animals who communicate with each other using complex vocalizations. Confining them to small concrete tanks where they can’t escape attacks from other frustrated animals and forcing them to perform tricks for the purpose of entertaining humans is a form of speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview.

Nearly every major company and franchise has already cut ties with SeaWorld, including Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, and Taco Bell.

Please use the e-mail addresses below and then the form under that to urge these hotels to refuse to partner with SeaWorld until it ends its shameful breeding programs and moves the animals to seaside sanctuaries.

Send polite comments to:

Andrew Cooper
General Manager
Best Western Inn & Suites San Diego – Zoo/SeaWorld Area
[email protected]

Maria Rebollar
General Manager
Holiday Inn Express San Diego SeaWorld-Beach Area
[email protected]

Evan Hotels
Ocean Park Inn
San Diego Mission Bay Resort

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