Emergency Care Package: Create Yours to Help a Distressed ‘Backyard Dog’ Survive the Summer!

The scorching sun and unrelenting heat this summer can be deadly for a dog chained outside without adequate shelter. Your generous gift today will help ensure that a neglected dog receives care, or you can provide some relief from the season’s worst weather by sponsoring a sturdy doghouse.

Donate a virtual care package of any size right now (even just one item!) and it will be matched, thanks to a generous offer from PETA donor David J. Reuben. This means you can send two care packages for the price of one! Please don’t wait—dogs need you.

Select as many virtual gifts as you would like:

Deliver a new water bucket.

This item costs $2.


Feed a neglected dog for a week.

This item costs $5.


Supply a dog with a tangle-free tie-out.

This item costs $10.


Sponsor a life-changing spay or neuter surgery.

This item costs $50.


Sponsor a sturdy PETA custom-built doghouse.

This item costs $265.


Choose an additional gift:

My total care package for a dog in need (this will be MATCHED!):


Subscribe to a MONTHLY care package for a dog in need today and we’ll receive an additional $75 match from a generous PETA donor!

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Donations to PETA are in U.S. dollars and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by U.S. law. PETA's tax ID number is 52-1218336. Please print or save this message for your personal records.

All gifts will be matched $1-for-$1 up to our $100,000 goal. Any funds received beyond the match goal will not be matched, but they’ll still make a tremendous difference to PETA’s mobile clinic work for animals. PETA is grateful to David J. Reuben for providing the funds for the matching-gift challenge.

Thanks to a generous foundation supporting PETA's work, an additional gift of $75 will be made to benefit our Investigations & Rescue Fund for each new monthly donor who gives via this form until December 31, 2023, or until the $75,000 campaign goal is met. Donations made after the goal has been met will not qualify for the extra $75 gift, but they'll still make a tremendous difference to animals.

All funds donated through virtual care packages go to the Community Animal Project to provide the resources most needed for dogs in distress.

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Will you provide a dog in need with a monthly care package?

A monthly gift of $  can help neglected dogs survive this hot summer—an extra $75 will even be added by a generous PETA donor!

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