151 Nights of Fireworks Are Terrorizing Companion Animals and Wildlife in Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Niagara Falls Tourism’s fireworks series kicked off on May 17 and is slated to continue every night through October 14—totaling 151 consecutive scheduled nights of blasts over the falls. Despite calls from PETA and residents to cancel the series and an ad campaign to raise public awareness of the detrimental effects of fireworks, tourism officials have no plans to end the nightly displays.

A natural wonder like Niagara Falls doesn’t need fireworks to draw in tourists. The explosions can trigger panic and stress in wildlife, companion animals, and those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and produce plumes of smoke laden with particles that are harmful to the respiratory systems of humans and other animals.

Please urge Canada’s Niagara Falls Tourism to drop this traumatizing bombardment and switch to a cutting-edge, visually dazzling laser or drone show, which would allow everyone to experience a quieter, cleaner, and less stressful summer.

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